Cultural Tourism DC asks Christian Heurich’s granddaughter about her favorite District haunts:

Jan Evans Houser, granddaughter of Christian Heurich, joined with family members and formed a foundation to preserve the historic landmark, the Heurich House Museum. The Heurich House Museum known to many as Brewmaster’s Castle, is the late-Victorian home of beer baron Christian Heurich, located on New Hampshire Avenue, NW, just south of Dupont Circle. Ms. Houser also serves on the board of directors for the Friends of the National World War II Memorial.

Cultural Tourism DC asked some prominent Washingtonians to share with us their favorite places or events that are special and unique to DC.

Jan shares her top 5.

  1. Looking out from the National Cathedral Observatory Tower: In my opinion, the Observation Tower has some of the best views of Washington, D.C. Plus, the underground parking garage at the Cathedral makes it much more accessible than the downtown monuments.
  2. A visit to the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market.
  3. The Secret Garden at the Heurich House Museum: My grandfather built the mysterious (and fireproof) castle-like structure south of Dupont Circle in 1894, when he was on his way to becoming the oldest brewer in the city. Now open as a house museum and special events space, it boasts a beautiful garden that is open to the public weekdays from 11am-3pm.
  4. A drive through Rock Creek Park: In the days before Rock Creek Park had bridges, my Christian Heurich used to drive through the park and we loved going across the fords.
  5. A double-decker bus tour: Although I have not had the chance to experience one yet, I am eager to take the double-decker tour through Washington – from the top deck, of course.